Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wow it's been a while

Well, what can I say, being a mom and wife and zookeeper keeps me busy and I just have not made this a priority.  5 weeks until school begins again so until then my posts will be sporadic.
Right now I am busy taking the kids to swimming lessons, and sorting through closets to move out everything that no longer fits, I think I may end up with 2 kids with empty closets...But we did hit a bonus with our last years grown out of in a week clothes!  Our school has a dress code, which I am a bog fan of, it makes life easier on me in the mornings, there is not too much time wasted deciding what to wear, and I never hear " and so has this kind of such and such".  To the point, our registration was on Monday, and they had set up a little "store" selling pants and tops to dress code for $2.00 a piece, and if you brought in you could trade 1:1!  How awesome is this?  We brought in the 6 pair of almost new pants and 2 like new tops in exchange for 1 pant, 1, skirt, 4 tops and 1 sweater, and now only need to get a few pants and shoes for the kids!  And what we left there will do the same for another family!
On the kitchen/garden front..things are slow going,  this is the first year we have attempted a garden, and so things are growing slowly, or not at all.  The hubbs has a few watermelon starting to develop, my cucumber plants are growing well (second planting) and everything we put in the ground on the first go round was burned from too much compost....It will be a good plot next year, and so we tinker and learn as we go.  I am still making cheese, keeping my eyes out for a cheap dorm sized frig to turn into a cheese cave, so I can attempt some blue cheese, sour cream and some cheddar if the hubbs will work out a press for us.  I have come up with some creative ways to use the left over whey.  I always throw it in the bread maker instead of water, the dogs like it on their dry food, and I have just used some to make, and feed a new sourdough starter, which I am making my first loaf out of as I type.  I found a new "slow-rise" and additional yeast free recipe and I am excited for the results, it will take a long rest in machine after its done churning, for 3 hours and then will sleep well in the fridge tonight and be baked fresh in the morning, should make for a nice treat of some fresh toast with breakfast tomorrow since it's the hubb's day off.   Besides what smells better than fresh bread baking, bacon frying and fresh coffee brewing?  He works so hard for us, and it's the least I can do!

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