Friday, August 5, 2011


Not sure about that, today will be busy.  Kids to swimming lessons, off to find another hummingbird feeder or two ( they are fighting out there ) then its home to make cream cheese and mozzarella, and bake a few loaves of bread.  Cheese and bread are a thank you to my husbands wonderful boss who send him home with jewels from her garden quite frequently, and she is the supplier of all the fresh milk I use for my cheese making.  When that is said and done, and cleaned up after then its time to sort out supper for tonight and tomorrow.  A ceiling to floor, wall to wall cleaning is in order for Saturday and through Sunday, need to get that back storage room sorted out, things we haven't used in a year tossed out and get the shelves in proper order for pantry storage.  My couponing ventures are starting to really pay off and I LOVE when we are shopping and I see a great sale AND have a coupon for that, but it means that I am starting to really accumulate a stock pile, a good thing with grocery prices what they are today, and only rising, but it's tough to share space with a r/c plane collection and the tools that go with it, the dryer, the chest freezer and the space heaters/ air conditioner and tool space.  But I will sort it out.  This is my I am not sure if I thank God it's Friday, because it is more of a Monday for this gal!

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