Friday, August 19, 2011

say AHHhhhhh

So my 11 year old started complaining of a scratchy throat the other night, I figured he may have some allergy issues as the entire desert around is has been on fire and it is rather smoky...when his fever spiked at 103 last night I figured I better get him in to see the doc.   And so its official 2 weeks till school, and we have our first round of Strep!..  We are no stranger to it, both my husband and I were once or twice a year streppers through our childhood, my daughter battled with strep and tonsillitis so much last year that she had her tonsils removed, and now its Gage's turn.  Boy I never wish for my kids to be sick, but it has been rather nice to have him be so quiet for the last few days... he isn't even talking in his sleep!  He opted for the shot in the rear instead of pills or syrup so he will be back to normal in a few days, and able to enjoy what little is left of summer.
Fingers crossed that no one else gets any type of sick!

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  1. Glad to report, he is back up and running....his mouth anyway. I am so glad he is feeling better!


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