Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where did Summer go?

Despite my best efforts for a slow easy summer, it seems that it is coming to a swift end.  We have only a 3 weeks until school begins, which means supply shipping, the clothes thing is an easy one thanks to the dress code.   The kiddos are doing their level best to enjoy the pool, and the new trampoline, however they have found out that it is exercise as much as it is fun,  both have sore back muscles, and tummy muscles from jumping as much as laughing.  They are ready to head back, and I am ready to have a quite house again.
Still busy with baking and cheese making, however I recently made a 2 gallon batch of cream cheese, and didn't realize till it was set and drained that I did not add my culture to it!  so that was a flop.  I used the last of my mozzarella stash tonight so its time again.  I managed 4 loaves of bread this morning, 2 plain janes and one braided, one split top.  Will give the no knead sourdough a try this weekend.

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