Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am on a mission

I am on a mission this week, to make bread dough and freeze some loaves, some rolls, and some buns before baking, so they can be taken out and baked fresh as needed.  I enjoy making bread, I started with a wonderful bread machine, that I still use often, but I have found that kneading with my hands, while messier, also makes such a wonderful loaf of bread.  The white bread that I have been making lately uses a sponge that really needs overnight to taste it's best, and since I only have 2 loaf pans, its quite the process.  So I have seen on various posts how you can make the dough and freeze to thaw and use later, I have never tried it, and won't go too gung ho on in, just a few loaves, and a batch of rolls/buns for today to see how well they bake up later.  Sure I can just bake and freeze, home made bread freezes so well, and actually seems to be more moist after freezing, but as I said, 2 loaf pans, and a baked loaves will surely take up more space than I have room.  So this is my mission! I am going to go start my sponge now 3 batches worth will do, and I will also make 2 batches of dough in the bread machine to compare later and see if the extra work is worth the end result.  If you are interested in my by hand from sponge recipe here is the link!  This is the one that I find easy to use, fail proof really, and with a very tasty end result.  I do add just a touch more salt in with the flour to punch up the flavor, other than that its a great dough for sandwich loaves and makes wonderful dinner rolls (i use a muffin tin)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh boy!

Gosh I have been a bad blogger....sorry I have not checked in for a while.  I can say I am busy, but who isn't...I really am busy, but from the outside of my life looking in, some would say "busy with what?"  The kids are back to school, life's routine has returned.  So why am I so busy really, doing not much?!?
I bake, I clean, I feed my Facebook addiction, I have lunch with my hubby when he gets home, I do laundry, I play with the dogs, cats, and give the goat loves...I chat with old friends and new on the screen that sits here calling me through out the day.  And then the kids are home and the hustle of evening is here, homework, supper, posting on FB what was for supper, posting pic of said supper, kids shower or bath, cats fed, goat put to bed, ah better check what happened on FB again.  Chat with hubby and kids about their busy being busy days.  And then its to bed with the kids, to bed with the hubs, a little TV and off to sleep so that I can wake up and do it all again.
It's a sometimes boring, often rewarding, frustrating for no apparent reason, laughter filled, sweet and sometimes sour life, and I love (almost) every minute of it.

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