Monday, August 8, 2011

One step forward...

Well I am more than pleased to say that I have made major progress on my pantry organization...not all the way done, but I did get the food shelves cleared, and my wonderful kids packed all the food stores back and my daughter organized it beautifully.  Today we all worked on laundry, and cleared out the bottom cupboards of the kitchen, and we will work on the uppers next weekend.  The kids' clothes are gone through and they both organized closets, shelves and drawers.  We managed to get some play time in together, and I made a cheesecake, and macaroni salad.  I am so glad to have my dear friend A. here with us for a day or 2 on her way to start a new job in a new town, and thrilled that she will be an hour closer now.  When you live in the middle of nowhere, it is always a pleasant treat to have another grown up to visit with.
So the sale of the week was bulk bacon, it ended up being $1.29 per pound in a large package, the one we chose was 16 pounds, and the Hubbs sectioned it out for us.  That said I am finding creative ways to use some bacon, and today I used it in a mac salad, it was to die for...Give it a whirl!
1 package of pasta, any shape..(I used Penne) cooked to package directions and then drained and rinsed in cold water.
4-5 slices of bacon chopped and rendered of all fat (about 10 minutes on a moderately high heat and drained) This takes about the same amount of time as your multi-task away
1 small onion chopped
1/2cup(or more if you like) of frozen veggies I used peas and corn.
1 1/2 cups Mayo with a dash of milk (more if needed or desired)
1 package dry Italian or Ranch dressing package.
Mix together and chill well.  Season with pepper and salt as needed.

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